11 December 2015

Town of Westerly, Washington co, Rhode Island Probate Files

Mis-spelled! Poor Index quality control at Ancestry.com!

Fredirck - Frederick
Sylvan Hagans - Sylvia Hazard
Peleg H. Noyes - Peleg N. Noyes
Peleg A. Noyes - Peleg N. Noyes (they thought it was two different persons!)
Hye - Nye
Lanphear - despite clear and identicla writing in batches in different drawers - incompetent indexer still managed to have different spellings for them. (The original writer of index cards are on every one in Drawer 1 through Drawer 4).

Not only that, the indexer omitted most of cases if there's more than ONE minor or if there's more than one person involved in adoption.

That is just a few (at the rate of 1 of 5 is mis-spelled or completely wrong)

Now which site is more reliable?

Anway, here is the completed set

Town of Westerly, Probate Files

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