30 October 2011

Incoming Changes

Effective November 1 and the completion will be January 1

1. No paper copy for all types of records except Wills, effective immediately

2. Wills paper copy will cease January 1.

Cost adjustment will begin November 1 and completion on January 1, 2012

The objective is to end the dependency on paper copy for good. I already allowed 2 years grace period for the changeover.

There is no logic to having paper copies anymore since so much are being digitalized. Not only that, the digital copies are frequently of higher quality than paper copy when they are from SAMPUBCO.

For more reading about going paperless. Dick Eastman wrote an article about this.



27 October 2011

New testators and naturalizations volumes

"List of Testators who wrote the wills leaving stuff to heirs or screw them out of their inheritance."
Will Testators:
NY - Ontario Vol. M and 81 (1857-1862, 1888-1892)
NY - Albany Vol. 36, 50 (1892-1893, 1900-1901)
KY - Muhlenburg Vol 1 (1801-1814) 142 records - new
NC - Rowan co. Vol 5-6, 14-15 (1905-1921, 1955-1959)
NY - New York Co. Vol 96, 1029-1031 (1848, 1915-1916)

Naturalization Petitions:
OR - Baker Vol 3 and 4 (1907-1917) 150 records - new


These aren't only items. Lots of volumes on the site.

24 October 2011

What's new? What honor - again?

Now I see SAMPUBCO had been voted again as one of best State Websites by Family Tree Magazine. It was the voters who thought so.

Now what's added to the SAMPUBCO :

52 volumes of indexes were added since Aug 8, 2011. States - New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Illinois and North Carolina.

Soon to add, more from North Carolina, New York and Kentucky within few days.