29 November 2015

Allegheny Co Pennsylvania original will packets

Pennsylvania - Allegheny Co Vol 1 packets (1789-1801) 298 records

The packets contains only the original wills. Nothing else. Index cards are reversible to will books which contained some proceedings.


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Alfalfa County Oklahoma Will probates - peculiar problem

Oklahoma - Alfalfa Col Vol 1a-7 (1a-3a redone) (1899-1933) 319 records plus 85 redos

The later volumes (volumes 5-7) has no page numbers and the case numbers are not consecutive. No original indexes, either. The solution is to use FamilySearch's image numbers. Link to FamilySearch site is provided on the list page.


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11 November 2015

Oklahoma, Maryland, Delaware, Maine

Maryland - Baltimore City Vol 51-53 (1882-1885) 700 records
Oklahoma - Alfalfa Co Vol 1-3 (1899-1907) 85 records

Delaware - Sussex Co. Vol 3 Naturalizations (1930-1949) 396 individuals
Maine - Androscoggin co Vol 2 Naturalizations (1909-1912) 101 petitioners

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W. David Samuelsen

06 November 2015

New York, Ohio, New Mexico, New Jersey wills, guardianships, probate files, naturalization

Since Oct 31, new additions

Will Testators
New York
New York co Vol 148-149 (1862-1864) 217 records

Ross Co Vol A-D (1797-1845) 435 records
Vol A-D were re-transcribed by some clerk years ago into a single volume, hence only vol. A for the sake of indexing (there were several wills not indexed in original vol A-D, discovered page by page)

Guardianships of minors
New York
Monroe Vol 2 (1835-1839) 1022 entries (every name)
minors plus the guardians and the deceased if named.

Probate Files
New York
Herkimer co Surnames C (1792-1857) 238 files

New Mexico
US District Court Albuquerque Declarations of Intent Vol 1-3 (1915-1929) 192 petitioners

New Jersey
Union County Declarations of Intent (1907-1908) 301 petitioners

plus the home page had been revamped to eliminate duplicate listing.

There are many more counties/states listings of indexes. And a new feature added, and I don't want to spoil the surprise right here. You have to see to appreciate.