20 August 2016

My Favorite 10 Sites (or is it?)

After reading other posts by other Geneabloggers, has me looking at my favorite sites.

1. FamilySearch, what else?

2. Ancestry, I search for all clues there can be to find right information.
a. Trees for possible correct information and clues
b. General Index for the incredible cross links to other possible sources
c. Passenger lists

3. WorldConnect at Rootsweb. Excellent if you are looking for clues and looking for the research notes left by tree holders.

4. Geneanet. Subscription only. Rich sources of documents for the ones living in France, Germany, Netherlands region. Lots of Trees with sources.

5. Archive.org. Out of print books. Hathi was good until they start requiring college subscriptions.

6. PDFill. Free Software to convert images into PDFs or convert PDFs into images.

7. Irfanview. Free Software for Windows only. Superior to Windows' own Picture software.

8. FamilySearch Indexing and Zoning. You know what Indexing is but could use more arbitrators. Zoning is a new feature, marking births, marriages and deaths in newspapers to be indexed in FamilySearch Indexing. I did Augusta Georgia, Portland Oregon, Rockford Illinois, Springfield Massachusetts and now doing New Orleans Louisiana. I found one distant relative doing this and saved that article using Irfanview.

9. Findmypast. Find those British relatives.

10. SAMPUBCO. What else but creating good indexes for probates? I use it frequently to track down many records to break through. Recently I used it to solve my friend's mystery of multiple wives.

There are many sites I use to assist.

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