09 December 2015

Hamilton County, New York Probate Files and a problem

Hamilton County New York probate files is not really 100 percent.

Why? Somehow in 1968 the microfilm operator never got around to finish the rest of the set, went up to 175, instead of 1468

Supposed to be "Estate papers, nos. 1-1468; 1861-1900s"

Anyway, here is the completed portion to the full extent, that is.

Hamilton County New York Estate Files with Image #s and link to FamilySearch site

Home page:

Tried to contact Acquisitions/Book Donations/Cataloging Department and it was mad! No one in FamilySearch volunteer group knows it exists. I had to use different phone call route and got to the department to get necessary email information to send them the problem information.

Frohe Weihnachten!

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