14 February 2016

The GPPs - what's that?

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Have anyone ever visited the GPPs?

What GPPs?

This is a different photo-sharing site of cemetery grave markers and monuments.

It is done different way from Findagrave.com

The approaches are different and information are done different way. Everybody win, regardless of whether either one is used.

Personally I won't go anywhere near that 3rd site, billiongraves.com

That site now requires you to have an account and sign in then that site let you see the image of that particular grave marker but won't let you see companion one or any other photos and divert you to a new beta site where you can't get out easily and only way to get out is close that browser. There have been steady complaints about how the billiongraves.com site changed from open to closed and photos are opaqued.

Now back to the GPPS and Findagrave.com

Personally I am contributor to BOTH sites because both sites use information different ways. Both are very useful.

I'm not going into details about the Findagrave.com because it is so well known by now.

Let's talk about the GPPs.

GPPs is short for Gravestone Photo Projects.

I administer 4 states quite long time, New York, Massachusetts, Utah and Oregon.

The GPPs were quickly transformed to be mobile ready and quite very friendly now when Google announced the intent last year.

The very first GPP is Iowagravestones.org and it is closely affiliated with The IowaGenWeb Project

Currently there are 40 in USA plus Canada which is modified.

Canada's site is Canada Headstone Photo Project. It is modified and encompass entire nation of Canada.

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09 February 2016

Connecticut, Indiana, Ohio, New York database additions

Home page

Indiana wills
Rush County 1822-1918
original records are not available online, indexed from the microfilms at Family History Library for all of Indiana.

New York wills
Richmond County (Staten Island)
Volumes began with A to Z then numbered 1 to 88
Vol 6-7 (1900-1903
Vol 74-75 (1962-1963)

New London District (New London County), Connecticut
Probate Files 2706 to 3018 (from Harris to Latham estates, including minors/guardianships and insolvents)
578 files

Belmont County Probate Files
Free FamilySearch account required to see files.
"C" Surnames

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