18 September 2015

Lengthy Will of John Smith "nieces and nephews..." no names 86 pages of gospel preaching

Oh MY!

What have we got here?

a lengthy will by John Smith of Savannah, Chatham county, Georgia


"nieces and nephews of my brothers and sisters" in Germany


86 pages of preaching the gospel.

That is it.

15 September 2015

Virginia, Ohio, New York testators

Virginia (not same as current one, predating it.)
On de floating scow ob ole Virginny,
I've worked from day to day,
Raking among de oyster beds,
To me it was but play;
But now I'm old and feeble,
An' my bones are getting sore,
Den carry me back to ole Virginny
To ole Virginny shore.

Long, long time ago Someone I know Had a little red canoe, In it room for only two. Love found its start Then in my heart, And like a flower grew.
New York
There isn't another like it.
No matter where you go.
And nobody can compare it.
It's win and place and show.
New York is special.
New York is diff'rent' cause there's no place else
on earth quite like New York and that's why

Three new county additions:

New York - Westchester co Vol 76-91 (1875-1881) 824 testators
(the Bronx still has not been created yet or annexed to New York City)
Ohio - Champaign Co Vol C-F (1848-1889) 852 testators
Virginia - Lee co - Vol 1-6 (1793-1930) 653 testators

Recent additions:
Georgia - Catoosa Co Vol 6, 1-2 (weird numbering) (1874-1975) 833 testators
Tennessee - Bedford Vol 1 (1861-1897) 520 testators
Kentucky - Lincoln Vol A-U (1781-1865) 542 testators


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