24 July 2015

Off Topic - Big Grave Monument of Elvira (Stevens) Barney (1832-1909)

Finally found a digital camera that can do justice. No one else to date have been able to take photo of this large one with all 7 generations of ancestry of Dr. Elvira (Stevens) Barney.

She was wife in order of marriages:
1) 1850, John Stillman Woodbury
2) 1856, Oliver Boardman Huntington
3) 1866, Royal Barney, Jr.

This one is in Salt Lake City Cemetery, near Wilford Woodruff family and George Q. Cannon family lots, in Plat C.

I deliberately set these photos at the maximum possible so you can read the generations. Feel free to forward this blog to anyone else intact.

West side

South side

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 East Side
North Side