23 July 2015

New York and Pennsylvania databases added

Will books (NOT to be confused with original wills which are in Probate Files)

These are transcriptions by the court clerks.

Pennsylvania - Armstrong Vol 1-10 (1805-1918) 721 testators (working on getting N-Z surnames added real asap)

Letters of Administration

New York - Allegany co Vol 4-5 886 (1873-1889) Letters


NY - Wyoming co Vol 2-3 (1852-1867) 557 records

Probate files?

The files contains all ORIGINAL records.

Connecticut - New London District Surnames G-H (early to 1880) 172 files

New York - Westchester co (1835-1837) 113 files

New York - Westchester co (1837-1839) 248 files

Oregon - Benton co (1859-1898) 290 files (the set is complete)

Pennsylvania - Washington co Surnames D (1828-1845) 86 Files

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W. David Samuelsen