07 July 2016

Not County Wills of New York and Baltimore City Maryland

Yes I did say "NOT", not "no"

Before I go into details....

The site is 95 percent revamped to be view-able in smartphones, half tablets and full tablets (Ipad, Android, etc). The only missing item is menu bar, something I have a hard time figuring how to do it to make the site even simpler to use.

These New York wills are not digital available online.

Court of Chancery, 1830-1847
These are out of state, even out of country.
England, France and Cuba are included along with out of state.

Court of Appeals, 1770s - 1824
These cases were appealed from the counties of New York.

Supreme Courts, 1787-1927
Albany 1799-1829
New York City 1787-1927

There were two Supreme Courts at a time. One was at Albany and other was held in City Hall in New York City.

For wills of New York

Baltimore City Maryland
Vol 54 and 55 added

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