06 November 2015

New York, Ohio, New Mexico, New Jersey wills, guardianships, probate files, naturalization

Since Oct 31, new additions

Will Testators
New York
New York co Vol 148-149 (1862-1864) 217 records

Ross Co Vol A-D (1797-1845) 435 records
Vol A-D were re-transcribed by some clerk years ago into a single volume, hence only vol. A for the sake of indexing (there were several wills not indexed in original vol A-D, discovered page by page)

Guardianships of minors
New York
Monroe Vol 2 (1835-1839) 1022 entries (every name)
minors plus the guardians and the deceased if named.

Probate Files
New York
Herkimer co Surnames C (1792-1857) 238 files

New Mexico
US District Court Albuquerque Declarations of Intent Vol 1-3 (1915-1929) 192 petitioners

New Jersey
Union County Declarations of Intent (1907-1908) 301 petitioners

plus the home page had been revamped to eliminate duplicate listing.

There are many more counties/states listings of indexes. And a new feature added, and I don't want to spoil the surprise right here. You have to see to appreciate.