14 October 2015

Next of Kin, Heirs and Devisees, What's the Difference?

Some states require lists of heirs and others lists of devisees, still more that don't do it but hidden.

Let's look at two states first.

See the difference? North Carolina shows two sides, one side showing devisor (aka testator) and the devisees (heirs, who get something) and Kentucky shows one side only, just the Devisor and Devisee.

Now let's look at Virginia's

Virginia's Act of 1912, required all estates, regardless of having will or not, list all "next of kin" along with their address plus age and relationship which are not always listed.

Let's look at New York's

Pretty hidden, isn't it? Written in paragraphs. Not every county in New York does this and not every year is covered.

Let's go to Ohio for their version

It shows names of heirs, relationship and address. That's it.

Now, what is the difference between these "Next of Kin", "Heirs" and "Devisees"?

Next of Kin = does not meant they inherit anything, just the names of next of kin who might or not might get anything.

Heirs - named in wills, often relations plus organizations.

Devisees - are not necessary related but get something.

These "Next of Kin" and "heirs" are true bonanza because they often shows where they are, age, relationship. Unfortunately it is not for "Devisees".

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