18 June 2015

Notice Letters - 20 Years Later?

Westchester County Estate Records, year 1836, File #60 Isaac Purdy.

The estates are never settled promptly. Some can drag on for years.

Here's the one, letters sent 26 January 1864 per the notice filed herein.

And this illustrate why the probate files should never be dissed and dismissed as irrelevant to family history.

William Short, Ridgefield, Connecticut
Mrs. Lydia Howe, wife of William Howe, Ridgefield, Connecticut
Mrs. Mary Eliza Short, wife of George D. Short, Bondbrook, Connecticut 
George D. Short, Bondbrook, Connecticut
Ellen Perry, Ridgefield, Connecticut
Mrs. Christiana Benedict, wife of Lawrence Benedict, Elizabeth Town, New Jersey
Mrs. Anna Jane Hall, wife of James Hall, Windsorville, Connecticut.

All this for the final settlement of the accounts of Gerard Crane, executor of Isaac Purdy.

What is obvious happening - the executor did not finish his assignment of estate of Isaac Purdy! Probably died before he could close the estate.

These named ones probably are relatives of Gerard Crane, rather than Isaac Purdy.

Think carefully about what else is in Gerard's file.

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